Monday, 18 April 2011

Vivian Girls - Share The Joy


Released April 8, 2011 / Mistletone

The Other Girls
I Heard You Say
Dance (If You Wanna)
Lake House
Trying to Pretend
Sixteen Ways
Take It as It Comes
Vanishing of Time
Light in Your Eyes

With Share The Joy, Brooklyn's Vivian Girls have expanded their repertoire with more instruments and lyrical content than ever before. Dum Dum Girls and Best Coast aside, Vivian Girls were the first to bring back the 60s/garage lo-fi, but the aforementioned bands have recently succeeded in not only matching the fire starting Vivs, but overtaking them by a lap or two. But with Share The Joy the Vivian Girls step up to the plate and take charge, realising that they needed to cover much more landscape than they did on their previous two albums. And they succeed in this task. 'The Other Girls' drives home a point, that the Vivian Girls have the coolest garage rock riffs and surfy guitars in indiepop. 'Dance (If You Wanna)' is a happy indie dance gem, followed by the sinister 'Lake House', proving that their song writing skills have improved drastically. 'Vanishing Of Time' is droney and you’ll be hard pressed to not lose yourself within it, while the drama filled 'Sixteen Ways' is as bleak as anything they’ve ever recorded. 'Take It As It Comes' is absolutely fantastic and is an obvious homage to their influences from 60s girls groups, particularly Shangri-Las. It’s dreamy raw garage pop at its very best. This will easily find itself on the top 10 albums of the year list come December.