Saturday, 23 July 2011

Help Stamp Out Loneliness - Help Stamp Out Loneliness


Released May 9, 2011 / Papillons Noirs

Cottonopolis + Promises
Record Shop
The Ghost With A Hammer In His Hand
Palma Violence
Me, Sola And C
My Window
Tracy Tracy
Split Infinitives

Born out of the defunct and sorely missed Language Of Flowers, Bentley Cooke and Colm McCrory have got together with Louise Winfield, Ben Ambridge, Kath McMahon and the incredible D. Lucille Campbell to help deliver one of the best albums of the year with this self-titled debut. The album opens with the tongue tied track 'Cottonopolis + Promises'. It's clear from the beginning that this is an up-tempo summery album. Campbell's voice is to die for. Her sense of variety and dynamics is masterful throughout the record, and, providing that the listener is willing to be infatuated by her auditory spell, there is never a dull moment. The breezy layered celestial harmonies and gorgeous melodies make sure the album glides along in an highly accessible way. The Johnny Marr inspired 'Record Shop' has a beautiful lush quality about it, and 'The Ghost With A Hammer In His Hand' will be a mix tape favourite, with its playful keyboards and addictive lyrics. The more guitar driven 'Angelyne' is a gem with vocals straight from heaven. 'Me, Sola and C' is remarkably tender, while 'Tracy Tracy' declares "A cosmic shower isn't half as bright as you". While the vocals are certainly the standout, the band is talented and creative enough to put together a brilliant musical canvas to showcase the vocal abilities. Surely one of the years very best!

Papillons Noirs