Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Burning Hearts - Into The Wilderness (EP)


Released June 21, 2011 / Shelflife

The Swallows
A Matter Of Timing
Into The Wilderness

Fans of Burning Hearts will not be disappointed with this four song EP. The opening song 'The Swallows' is a dreampop work of art with swirling synth work and handclaps together with Jessika Rapo's fascinating vocals. Following this is a song I couldn't help but repeat over and over again, the warm and precious 'Fever'. The pretty 'A Matter Of Timing' is the slow melancholic moment of the EP. The closing song 'Into The Wilderness' is an incredible track, Rapo sings "You walked with the foxes dancing around your feet / They followed you into your dreams / And they followed you / Into the wilderness away from the loneliness". Any song that mentions foxes is a winner in Blueboy and Popgirly's book. This EP is passionately created with perfect melodies and is definitely worth checking out.