Friday, 5 August 2011

Interview - Dora Hiller from Sneakpeek

Sneakpeek is a brilliant new band from Echo Park in California. They play music that is loud and infused with droney lo-fi psychedelia. The band intends on releasing their debut EP later this year, but they have already generated a buzz that is hard to match after Bandcamp made 4 of their songs (two demos, a live track and an alternate track) available for a low price. Their lead singer, Dora Hiller was kind enough to agree to an interview. Make no mistake, Sneapeek are an exciting band that will blow you away!

How did Sneakpeek form? Can you please tell us a little about the members of the band?
Sneakpeek formed rather naturally. After I quit the all girl folk band I was in, I started writing and messing around with garageband and before I knew it I had all these songs. Aric, my boyfriend, had left his band The Willowz a few years before, was super supportive from the beginning and soon we got our best friends Mike and Aaron to fill in on drums and guitar.

Are you still living in Echo Park? What is the culture of Echo Park like?
We do still live in Echo Park. We have a house where we can practice and make loud noises until all hours of the night. It is a nice little haven in the middle of the urban jungle that is Los Angeles.

What bands have influenced Sneakpeek and your own personal style?
Well, when I write a song, I don't really have any specific genres in mind. I don't want to make music that sounds like something that already existed before. A lot of people compare us to The Breeders and Jesus and Mary Chain, but they're not really our influences. I do love 90's rock such as Smashing Pumpkins, Singapore Sling, and My Bloody Valentine as well as shoegaze bands like Galaxie 500, Mazzy Star and Innocence Mission. I think my love for that kind of music seeps through the cracks a bit.

When did you start playing bass, and do you want to play any other instruments?
I started playing bass a few years ago and I also play guitar.

Tell us a little about the Sneakpeek writing and recording process. As the vocalist do you write the songs yourself or is it a collaboration with the other band members?
Most of the songs I've written while the boys are in the other room playing video games but each member brings so much to the band that it is always a constant collaboration.

What have you been listening to lately that you would recommend?
I'm a little behind on new music. We just saw Yuck in concert, they were rad and super nice. Mostly I stick to the old classics The Velvet Underground, Nirvana, and Neil Young.

What do you do with your free time when you're not playing or listening to music?
I work for a vintage clothing company so I'm constantly swimming in old clothes.

Is the Sneakpeek EP still being recorded? Are you happy with the results so far?
It is still in the process of being recorded! But everything has been going well so far.

When can we expect the Sneakpeek EP to be released?
The release date will be announced soon! Keep your ears open for a lot of new songs. We can't wait.

Bandcamp features 4 Sneakpeek songs for download

Walk All Over Me (Live) Free download
Waytoomuch (Early Demo) $1 (US)
Western Sky (Early Demo) $1 (US)
Melancholy Heart (Alternate Version) $1 (US)

If you like fuzzy droned-out tunes with angelic vocals, be sure to look out for Sneakpeek.