Saturday, 11 June 2011

Girls Names - Dead To Me


Released April 25 2011 / Slumberland

I Could Die
When You Cry
No More Words
Nothing More To Say
I Lose
Cut Up
Bury Me
Kiss Goodbye
Séance On A Wet Afternoon

Relying heavily on 60s garage, Belfast’s Girls Names have managed to create a record that sounds like a 60s pop artefact while at the same time sounding incredibly modern. If you like Beach Fossils you will love Girls Names. Noisy, hooky indie pop and perfect-for-mix-tape tracks, this self-titled release is impressive. Production values have improved since their split 7-inch with Brilliant Colors, with a warm feeling throughout the record. The songs 'When You Cry', 'Bury Me' and 'I Lose' in particular, are characterized by a timeless sound of bright and warm guitars. 'No More Words' is a swoony masterpiece, 'Cut Up' is extremely danceable, 'Kiss Goodbye' is addictive, and the closing 'Séance On A Wet Afternoon' displays their fascination with the occult, beneath a vibe that is unforgettable.