Sunday, 19 June 2011

La Sera - La Sera


Released 15 February 2011 / Hardly Art Records

Beating Heart
Never Come Around
You're Going To Cry
I Promise You
Left This World
Under The Trees
Devils Hearts Grow Gold
Dove Into Love
Been Here Before
Lift Off

Katy Goodman, aka Kickball Katy, can usually be seen backing up vocals for Cassie Ramone while playing bass for Vivian Girls. Her voice and her ability to play the guitar has carried over into the side project La Sera. Katy is now at the forefront of the music, stripped of the lo-fi fuzz guitars. Her voice is ghostly and alluring, addictive and intimate. Late last year we were introduced to La Sera through the wonderfully jangly 'Never Come Around', it still sounds fresh and sweet on this record, as does the second single 'Devils Hearts Grow Gold'. Both songs are pure pop perfection, highlighting Goodman’s gentle flow and honeyed voice. Her vocals are layered to bless the tracks with a richly warm and bittersweet feel. Often, the songs are of love and death, yet despite the bleak outcome of each story they still sound so warm and sunny, eerie yet upbeat. This self-titled record is a shimmering collection of lush pop songs, none of which reach the 3 minute mark. It’s hard not to like this album; it’s too sentimental, too charming and too addictive to stop listening.