Sunday, 19 June 2011

Seapony - Go With Me

Released May 31 / Hardly Art Records

I Never Would
Blue Star
Into The Sea
I Really Do
Go Away
So Low
What You See
Where We Go
With You

Simplicity is one word to describe Seapony's debut album Go With Me. The music reflects innocence and gentle romanticism. The group consists of singer Jen Weidl, guitarist Danny Rowland and bassist Ian Brewer. Beating alongside them, is a simple drum machine, barely changing from track to track. The album reminds us of the Beach Fossils EP from earlier this year, as the sound is fairly similar and both releases lack variation. However, where Beach Fossils made up for this in releasing an EP, Seapony have come out releasing a full-length 12 song record, and Seapony's release follows track after track just a little too closely. Sure, it's still a good album, standouts such as 'Nobody Knows' with it's somber atmosphere, 'So Low', 'Go Away' and the infectious 'Dreaming' are all good songs in their own right, and would have made a terrific little EP. But the rest of the songs are too similar to really stand out. That being said, Go With Me is a breezy record, perfect for winding down the busy day and falling asleep to. Perhaps the lack of variation is indeed an attempt at purely making an album that switches from one track to the next without you realising a new song has started. Whatever their intention, this album does have a gentle dosey charm about it. It will be interesting to see where Seapony go from here.

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