Sunday, 19 June 2011

P.S. Eliot - Sadie

Released April 8 2011 / Salinas Records

Pink Sheets
Shitty & Tragic
Jesus Christ
Dead Letters
Mood Ring
Watch On Mute

P.S. Eliot are a clever band. They are able to write and perform intimate melodies that stick in your head and still uphold punk aesthetics. Kate Crutchfield is the primary songwriter and brings these songs to life with her dynamic voice. If you haven't heard of P.S. Eliot before, please also check out their fantastic 2009 release Introverted Romance In Our Troubled Minds. What really sparkles on this new release more so than the previous record is the drumming. The credit is due for Katie's sister Allison, she's a thrilling drummer. 'Shitty & Tragic' has long been on repeat, too addictive to pass. The bouncy 'Sadie' features the lyrics "We're bounded eternally / through frustration and anxiety / the cold and correlated never succeed / oh, Sadie". Katie's lyrics are indeed poetic, honest, personal, and sung with perfection and delicate pace. 'Pink Sheets' sways with nostalgic lyrics, "All that remains / iconic photographs / my vagrant thoughts and the sun through stained glass". Overall this album is a success, but I wouldn't expect anything else from this band. Try and purchase this album on vinyl rather than CD, as it's always better to have vinyl, designed by Kate Wadkins (who also did the artwork from their Living In Squalor 7 inch), it comes complete with a lyrics sheet which is always nice.

Katie and Allison Crutchfield also have another project in the works under the name Bad Banana. Their demos are impressive. For more, check them out at here.

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